Sunday 27 May 2018
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News for pensions on Sunday 27 May 2018

What is Pension Release? (Braemar )

With more than 40 years’ combined experience under their belts, what John Davidson and Mike Nicholson don’t know about pension release probably isn’t worth knowing. Their company, Braemar Pension Release, was founded in 1992, and since that time has helped thousands of over fifties release money from their pensions when they needed it.

Pension release is growing in popularity as a method of accessing a tax-free lump sum and/or monthly income ever since the recession took hold. “People are approaching us because they may have become unemployed and as a result can no longer get credit to pay off their mounting debts. They have worked hard all their lives and contributed to a number of company pension schemes” says Braemar’s John Davidson.

“We are a responsible company and will look at all possible options open to a customer before recommending pension release. It’s important that people understand that if they release a sum of money from their pension now, it is likely that they will have less income from that pension when they do come to retire” he adds.

As Braemar point out in their communications, pension release is only suitable in a limited set of circumstances. Firstly, new pension legislation changes to be introduced in 2010 now mean that the minimum retirement age will rise from 50 to 55. This means that only those aged 55 to 65 are eligible for pension release. Secondly they must have a UK personal pension or old company pension scheme that they are not currently receiving benefits from, and finally the reason for unlocking cash from a pension should be based on necessity. Whilst the process of pension release is relatively simple, it should not be seen as an easy option for raising cash.

Indeed, the whole purpose of making contributions to pension schemes is to provide an income during retirement. It is therefore important to be aware that releasing your pension benefits early could reduce your income and your standard of living at retirement. This is why Pension Release is only suitable for a limited number of people and circumstances and should not be seen as an easy option for raising cash.

So how much of their pension is a customer likely to receive? Since the circumstances surrounding each pension are different, this can only really be determined once an adviser has made a thorough and detailed analysis of the pension in question. Braemar offer a no cost, no obligation investigation of the options available to each customer. This could be taking the maximum tax-free cash and leaving the balance invested until retirement, or taking an income now as well.

Braemar, like other reputable pension release companies, is regulated by the Financial Services Authority and the testimonials on their website cite many happy customers. “ We have helped thousands of people who have wanted to release cash from their pension” says Davidson. “Trying to release cash from pensions on your own can be very difficult. Unsurprisingly many providers do not provide advice and will only supply a small number of options. To further confuse the issue there are complex clauses and legal jargon at every turn. Our advisers make all the contact on your behalf and keep customers informed in plain English every step of the way”

For further information: What is Pension Release?

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Pension Drawdown (Credencis Ltd)

If you are over 50 you could release a tax-free cash sum from your pension right now without taking your pension income. The cash can be used for any purpose including paying off personal debt.

Pension Drawdown, which is often also be referred to as Income Release, Pension Release and Income Drawdown is simply a much more flexible alternative to buying an annuity.

For example, If you are aged over 50 and have a pension fund that has built to a suitable level, you can release a cash lump sum, tax free, without having to retire or take an income from the fund.

In addition to the tax free lump sum, you are also allowed to take regular income withdrawals however, unlike the tax free lump sum, the additional withdrawals are taxable. The remainder of your pension fund will still continue to be invested in the normal way until retirement.

It should be said, however, that pension drawdown is not always suitable for everyone. There are many alternative methods of raising capital and these should always be taken into consideration. Don’t forget that releasing funds from your pension early will inevitably have in impact on the value of your pension plan at retirement.

As we’ve already mentioned you are allowed to take benefits from your pension funds from the age of 50 onwards without the necessity of buying an annuity. However, from 2010 the qualifying age will be raised to 55.

From when you start taking benefits from your funds and up until you reach 75 you can use pension drawdown to release both a tax-free cash lump sum and an income directly from your existing pension fund.

What’s left of the fund (after the release of the tax-free cash) remains invested as a pension fund and will continue to benefit from a tax efficient environment in the same way that it did prior to the pension drawdown.

For further information: Pension Guru's daily blog

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